Max Muscle’s Max Anabol EXT Perfect Post Cycle Treatment

Max Anabol EXT is the most powerful testosterone enhancing supplement Max Muscle makes.   Max Anabol EXT makes the perfect post cycle treatment because of the combination of testosterone enhancing ingredients.  Testofen fenugreek extract proven clinically  to increase free testosterone by 98%.   Studies have also shown that another major ingredient in our formula called ActivAli lowers the muscle destroying and fat increasing hormone cortisol.

Another novel ingredient in Max Anabol EXT is 20-Hydroxy Ecodysterone from the herb Cyanotis vaga has been used by the Russians for centuries.  They refer to it as an adaptogen and may decrease cortisol and increase the repair of DNA.  Max Anabol has a host of many other supporting ingredients that support hormone replenishment and decrease stress and increase recovery.

1. Powerful testosterone enhancing supplement
2. Perfect post cycle treatment
3. Testofen is proven to increase free testosterone by 98%
4. ActivAli lowers the stress hormone cortisol
5. Supports hormone replenishment and decreases stress and increases recovery

2 Responses to Max Muscle’s Max Anabol EXT Perfect Post Cycle Treatment

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