ROLE OF DNA: Bruce Lipton – Biology of Perception 4 of 7

June 11, 2009

Our perception is a stimulus response NOT caused our genes. It is caused by awareness of our environment by a specific receptor that triggers a physical response by a specific effector.

Perception controls behavior.

The behavior of our cells is NOT programed. Our behavior is continually responding to our perception of our environment.

ROLE OF DNA: Blueprint for how to make proteins. Genes DO NOT self activate. Genes CAN NOT turn themselves on or off. There is no such thing as a cancer gene. If there were cancer genes you would get cancer before you were born as soon as your cells would start dividing.

BioEssays Volume 12 Issue 9, Pages 441 – 446
Published Online: 5 Feb 2005
Problems And Paradigms: Metaphors and the role of genes in development


Perception is Everything

June 13, 2008

Everything exists according to its own nature – our individual
perceptions of worth, correctness, beauty, size and value exist inside
our heads, not outside them.


Perception is everthing