Dr Bruce Lipton 7/7 Steriods controlled by Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis

June 11, 2009

We are NOT controlled by our Genes. We are controlled by our responses to our environment.

If you are a pencilneck it’s because your training and nutrition is of pencilneck quality. Stop blaming your parents.

Where does life come from? The movement of Protein by an environmental signal [hormones, ect]. Proteins can change shape when different signals are sent to them creating movement and work.

The brain our our cells is the membrane of our cells. The nucleus of our cells were DNA is stored is the reproductive center of our cells. DNA holds the patterns of the 70,000 to 90,000 different proteins that make up our body. Our DNA can not think. Our DNA inside our cells repairs the proteins that make up our cells.

The behavior of our cells is NOT programed. Our behavior is continually responding to our perception of our environment.

“When a gene is needed, a signal from it’s environment, NOT the gene itself, activates expression of that gene.”

95% of all Cancer is NOT inherited. 95% of all Cancer comes from us actively rewriting our genes in a response to our perception of our environment. Don’t be a victim!

Genes are like computer programs that provide a blueprint on how to build your body. There are 2 types of programs.1 set of programs are for growth and reproduction. The other types of programs are for protection.

The part of our brain that controls our hormonal response to the environmental signals is the Hypothalamus Pituitary Adrenal Axis (APA Axis). If an environmental signal is negative the APA Axis activates the Pituitary Gland to get into fight or flight mode.

When fight or flight mode kicks in, blood get shuttled to the extremities and muscles by the adrenal system. The Adrenal system shuts down growth to our core organ area. Our immune system can get shut off when we have high adrenal hormone activity. When we are in fight or flight mode we become very reactive and our blood get shuttled towards the more primitive parts of our brain. Under stress you are less intelligent.

Life has everything in it but you will only see what you believe.


Dr Bruce Lipton: Biology of Perception 5of7- Your Genes are NOT your Destiny

June 11, 2009

“When a gene product is needed, a signal from it’s environment activates that gene.” Your environment can selectively mutate your genes if your environment is expressing signals that you can’t produce protein for.

“When a gene product is needed, a signal from it’s environment, NOT an emergent property of the gene itself, activates expression of that gene.”

Inside the nucleus of a cell is 50% Protein 50% DNA. Protein is what controls the DNA and until recently it hasn’t been studied.

Protein forms a sleeve around DNA.

Primacy of the Environment: An environmental Signal changes the shape of the regulatory protein by exposing the DNA from the protein sleeve allowing it to copy itself via mRNA and producing a specific protein. It’s the environment that selects your genes.

Perception controls genes.


Nucleic acids are replicated with conspicuous fidelity. Infrequently, however, they undergo changes in sequence, and this process of change (mutation) generates the variability that allows evolution. As the result of studies of bacterial variation, it is now widely believed that mutations arise continuously and without any consideration for their utility. In this paper, we briefly review the source of this idea and then describe some experiments suggesting that cells may have mechanisms for choosing which mutations will occur.

Your environment can selectively mutate your genes if your environment is expressing signals that you can’t produce protein for.

ROLE OF DNA: Bruce Lipton – Biology of Perception 4 of 7

June 11, 2009

Our perception is a stimulus response NOT caused our genes. It is caused by awareness of our environment by a specific receptor that triggers a physical response by a specific effector.

Perception controls behavior.

The behavior of our cells is NOT programed. Our behavior is continually responding to our perception of our environment.

ROLE OF DNA: Blueprint for how to make proteins. Genes DO NOT self activate. Genes CAN NOT turn themselves on or off. There is no such thing as a cancer gene. If there were cancer genes you would get cancer before you were born as soon as your cells would start dividing.


BioEssays Volume 12 Issue 9, Pages 441 – 446
Published Online: 5 Feb 2005
Problems And Paradigms: Metaphors and the role of genes in development

Problem DNA Can Be Fixed by Nutrition

June 4, 2008

Many diseases and sicknesses are caused by the wrong reading of our DNA and changes to our enzymes. Enzymes to much more than digest food. Enzymes release energy and allow our body to produce energy from our food. Enzymes can act as antioxidants to protect us from cell damage and mutation. Enzymes are very important to maintain American health and nutrition. Without the right amount nutrition from enzymes, vitamins and minerals, our health is in jeopardy.

When our RNA misreads our DNA to produce these life giving enzymes our health can go downhill. One of the key causes of aging is damage from free-radicals that are usually squelched by enzymes. The American diet is low in nutrition from enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) & the American Army is testing what nutritional supplements can be taken to fix defective enzymes.

“Our soldiers, like top athletes, operate under extreme conditions that may well be limited by their physiology,” Rine said. “We’re now working with the defense department to identify variants of enzymes that are remediable, and ultimately hope to identify troops that have these variants and test whether performance can be enhanced by appropriate supplementation.”

Folic Acid protects against birth defects because it helps produce the MTHFR enzyme that helps makes DNA. Folic Acid also protects against the heart damaging homocysteine.

Scientists think vitamins and minerals protect enzymes because vitamins and minerals help make the enzymes hold their proper shape. Proper health and nutrition can be assured by appropriate supplementation of vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin E Protects the Skin

May 22, 2008

One of the key causes of aging is incorrect transcription of DNA by RNA to reproduce the next line in cells. Both the Alpha & Gamma forms of Vitamin E can help the tRNA read the DNA more correctly; at least in Mice. Mice are always used as a close model to humans when humans can’t be used in an experiement.

American Society for Nutrition J. Nutr. 138:1010-1018, June 2008
Alpha and Gamma Tocopherol Prevent Age-Related Transcriptional Alterations in the Heart and Brain of Mice

“These results demonstrate that middle age-onset dietary supplementation with alpha & gamma tocopherol partially prevent age-associated transcriptional changes and that these effects are tissue and tocopherol specific.”