What Probiotics Can Do For You – Introducing Ganeden BC30

April 6, 2009

Have you ever have been to the Doctor when you are sick and been prescribed Antibiotics?  Antibiotic drugs are some of the most prescribed medications by Doctors world wide.  The main side effect of antibiotics is that they kill bacteria indiscriminately, including good bacteria.  Our bodies contain large amounts of good bacteria.  Many times when we are sick we are overwhelmed with so much bad bacteria, viruses, yeasts or parasites that our good probiotic bacteria can’t deal with it and we become sick.

Probiotic bacteria is very important.  Other than protecting you from bad bacteria good bacteria produces enzymes.   Almost everything that happens in your body is controlled by enzymes.  Enzymes are known to be involved in over 4,000 biochemical processes.

The main problem with probiotic supplements is the absorption into our intestines.  Many probiotics are already dead before you even buy them.  Most probiotic labels only guarantee their strength at time of manufacturing.  Many probiotics need to be refrigerated.  If they can’t live at room temperature how can you expect them to live at 98.6 or higher if you have a fever.

Right now a leading yogurt manufacturer is involved in a class action lawsuit for misleading their customers on their special brand of probiotic yogurt.  Unfortunately science shows most probiotics in yogurt don’t survive the long journey to your intestines where probiotics are most effective as natural supplements.

Introducing the probiotic Bacillus coagulans known as Ganeden BC3o.  BC30 is is surrounded by a natural protective shield allowing it to safely get into our intestines without being damaged.  BC30 has a proven safety record of over 50 years.   BC30 is proven to not only get to the intestines but to grow once it gets there.

BC30 is proven so stable it can be added to foods.  In addition to food products, BC30 is currently used in a broad range of applications including dietary supplements, animal health products, feminine hygiene and topical applications.

BC30 is granted US Patent 6849256 for the “Inhibition of pathogens by probiotic bacteria.”
Right now their is a patent pending  for Bacillus coagulans bacteria for treating IBS.

“A method of reducing a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome, comprising identifying a patient suffering from or at risk of developing irritable bowel syndrome, and administering to said patient a composition comprising Bacillus coagulans bacteria.”

Science is in the corner of Ganeden BC30 and it is available in Max Muscle’s Max Crunch Protein Bar.