Broccoli Can Reverse Damage Caused to Heart

August 8, 2008

“A UK study has found consuming broccoli can reverse damage caused to the heart blood vessels of diabetics due to the presence of a sulfur compound.”

“Our study suggests that compounds such as Sulforaphane from broccoli may help counter processes linked to the development of vascular disease in diabetes,” said Thornalley.


Published online August 4, 2008, as db06-1003

“Activation of NF-E2-related factor-2 reverses biochemical dysfunction of endothelial cells induced by hyperglycemia linked to vascular disease”

Authors: Mingzhan Xue, Qingwen Qian, Adaikalakoteswari Antonysunil, Naila Rabbani, Roya Babaei-Jadidi, and Paul J. Thornalley


Blood Sugar Alzheimer’s Connection

July 18, 2008

Men with low insulin secretion at age 50 had a significantly greater risk of Alzheimer’s.

One of the theories of factors leading to Alzheimer’s is that it is diabetes of the brain. The brain runs on carbohydrates and if the brain cells develop insulin resistance the brain can’t run correctly. If we don’t produce enough insulin our brain won’t be able to absorb the carbs it needs to run correctly.