Drug Companies cutting back CHEAP Perks

July 22, 2008

“The U.S. pharmaceutical industry revised its code of conduct, banning gifts to doctors such as pens, mugs and restaurant meals. The changes don’t limit thousands of dollars doctors collect for speaking and consulting.”

The changes are a cosmetic, cheap headline getter while business as usual can keep going full steam ahead. The Drug companies can still hook up their clients with lavish meals in house while doing business as usual.



Maximum Muscle Podcast # 2

July 16, 2008

Maximum Muscle Podcast # 2

1. Fitness Muscle & Nutrition News
a. Prohormones
Looks like Tren, methyl-1-test & the legal cousin to Winni V will be banned sometime later this summer

b.2/3 of Americans are Too Fat

c. Gene Expression of Creatine

2. Max Muscle Supplement Spotlight
a. ThyrX
Our thyroids are like our car idols. When your car idol is too slow your car won’t start during a cold spell. If you get your car started it will slall, and run really rough.

If your thyroid is slow you can feel cold, have low circulation, depression, arthritis, and many more symptoms.

Many of the ingredients in ThyrX help regulate healthy thyroid activity. Coleus forskohlii can mimic thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) by activating a gene in thyroid cells.

Diiodo-L-Tyrosine mixed with iodine increases the levels of the fat burning thyroid hormones T3 & T4 and the fat burning stimulant adrenal hormones epinephrine and noradrenaline.

There are several ingredients containing, thyroid regulating, iodine. Iodine is the most common element to balance the thyroid.

Many other ingredients help fat loss by increasing your metabolic rate by other factors other than your thyroid.

3. Nutrient Timing
a.How to use Dieting Supplements
1. 8 – 12 week fat burning plan
A. Crash diets don’t work. Your body goes through too much of a change and can’t adjust to become balanced at your targety weight. If you have to put a lot of effort into change there has to be a lot of resistance to that change. Find the key to releasing the resistance to change. When you are proactive about change you will keep the results you see. You have to make your weight management a lifestyle change instead of something to do for a wedding.

Many people only look at the scale when they are losing weight. If you aren’t taking in enough protein while you are burning fat you will also lose muscle. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be. Muscle is your friend to help you burn fat.

You want to eat at least 6 times a day. Simply look at how many calories you burn + how many calories you need to maintain and subtract 500 – 1000 kcals per day. Many people feel this is difficult so we at Max Muscle provide our Maxformation Nutritional Counceling.

Simple supplements that can be used to help with dieting.
1. ThyrX which is our spotlight product of the week.
2. ThermXX which is our powerful fat burner & diuretic with strong appetite support without being too strong of a stimulant.
3. Femme Lean is our new Women’s fat burner helping lower fat & appetite caused by hormonal disturbances
One of the active fat burning and pleasure giving ingredients in chocolate is in Femme Lean. Most of the pleasure of chocolate without the calories.
4. Anabol Cuts does exactly what most men are looking for; it helps build muscle while helping burn fat.
The mixture of Slimaluma that can help you slim your waist and Testofen which can increase your free testosterone. With the addition of Green Tea and Caffeine will feel a boost in the gym helping fire up your motivation to train to build muscle and burn fat.

4. Workout Timing
a.Circuit Training
Bootcamps: How to get the maximum out of them and how to fit them into your life.

The whole Bootcamp style workouts are huge. Many people get great results from Bootcamps but if done too often, for too long will result in overtraining.

The HIT (High Intensity Training) method is great to burn fat but if you do it too many times per week or too many weeks in a row you will burn out.

Bootcamps are great to start your general training cycle and strengthen your cardiovascular system while continuing to build muscle.

You will easily bring up your endurance while toning your body from doing Bootcamp training. Bootcamps are great to get you in shape when coming out of off-season or layoff. But be prepared for your cardio system to be taxed to it’s max.

5. Lessons from the Masters
Napoleon Hill
Napoleon Hill was the 1st self-help guru. Mr. Hill was a newspaper reporter who had the luck to interview the riches man in the world at the time, Andrew Carnagie. The interview was orginally last only 2 hours but lasted 2 days. At the end of the interview Carnagie asked Hill to become his unpaid intern for life. In exchange Carnagie would introduce Hill to everyone in Carnagie’s circle including Ford, Edison, Westinghouse,the board of directors of US Steel and other millionaires. Carnigie wanted Hill to study and formulate a system of how to become successful from all of his interviews of the great men of his time.

Hill’s 1st book “Think and Grow Rich” has been used as a platform for many of today’s self-help gurus. A lot of Tony Robbins philosophy is formed on the backbone of Hill’s philosophy. The majority of book and movie “The Secret” is a feel good version of Hill’s philosophy.

Napoleon Hill’s philosophy can be used by anyone and in almost every situation. It can easily be applied for getting better workouts and taking better care of yourself. You can also learn how to take the success you find in the gym and move it out into the rest of your life.

Next week I will start an overview of Hill’s 1st chapter of Think and Grow Rich and give you my take on how to apply it to you exercise training and how to apply it to the rest of your life.


Maximum Muscle Podcast # 1

July 16, 2008

Maximum Muscle Podcast will take you to the fast track of muscle growth, fitness and better nutrition.

This 1st Podcast describes what the future will hold.

I will explain why you can get great advice from a Championhip winning Powerlifter with 17 years of nutrition experience from working in the Sports Nutrition Industry. I am currently working for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. This podcast and all of the opinions from the podcast and my blog are my opinions and not those of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.

My goals and mission of Maximum Muscle Podcast is:

1. I will inform you of the newest and most important nutrition and muscle building news.

2. I will spotlight Max Muscle products and explain what result to expect from the product.

3. I will put into context how to mashup your workouts with your supplements. Some people have no idea why they are taking what they are taking. Growing mass while losing weight will never happen. Taking a dieting, appetite suppressing supplement while trying to pack on mass won’t work.

4. Lessons From the Masters is a how to do from the All time Great & Successful people the world has ever known. Everyone from Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Arnold, Jay, Ronnie, Sun Tzu and many, many more.

Modeling Success

July 2, 2008

– Napoleon Hill

Modeling successful people is what will make you great. Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler built their success by finding out what successful people do to become successful. NLP is founded on modeling success.

Get Better & Stay that Way

June 26, 2008

Sports psychologist and executive coach Graham Jones 5 Leadership Lessons as published in Harvard Business Review

1. Learn to Love the Pressure
“I never made any sacrifices; I made choices.” – Greg Searle

Dan’s comment: pressure is what forges us to become better. Pressure focuses us on the importance essence of who we really are. Link to J.K Rowling about getting to her essence by hitting rock bottom.

2. Fixate on the Long Term.
Long term success is paved with small achievements

Dan’s comment: without the perspective of long-term success you will never get through the short-term pain. You must start with the end in mind or you will quit before you get there.

3. Iron Sharpens Iron.
Train with people who push you the hardest.

Dan’s comment: If you hangout with people who don’t push themselves to greatness you will never get moral support from them to push yourself to greatness. Cultures have benchmark ideals and if you want to be bland hangout with bland people. If you want to be great, hangout with other people who also want to be great.

4. Reinvent Yourself.
While it’s good to feel challenged, you need to make sure that any feedback you get is constructive.

Dan’s comment: Tony Robbins calls it the power of CANI; Continuing and Never-ending Improvement. You will never be able to hit 100% potential because once you hit your perceived benchmark you are capable of being better. But in order to become better you have to look at the situation differently and come up with a new plan to become better. You can’t get there from here. What you are doing is getting you the results you have. If you want different results you have to do things differently. It is the Law of Attraction, what you have is what you really want. If you really want something different you will change to get different. The difference between what you really want and what you think you want is the battle between your real values vs. ego driven desired and perceived values.

5. Celebrate the Victories.
The very best performers do not move on before they have scrutinized and understood thoroughly the factors underpinning their success.

Dan’s comment: Celebration is to release the past and move on toward future goals while understanding the now. Using the power of CANI to understand that you are capable hitting or smashing your goals. Celebration is empowering yourself to reinforce victories and to remember how you did it so you can recognize how to get to that sweet spot in your mind and to see a future goal that will happen just as easily.

You Must Complete Your Desires

June 26, 2008


Take action, that is the only way to get things done.

As Tony Robbins says, turn your shoulds into must musts or you will be shoulding all over yourself.

Too many people take as much time talking about what they want to do as it would take to get it done. Many people and Politicians, including John McCain, think that talking and making people feel good is the same thing as getting things done.

Our brains have a part of memory called mirror neurons. Mirror Neurons help us relate to each other, mirror neurons help with empathy. Mirror neurons also can make people think they are part of teams or clubs they aren’t part of. One of the reasons people get so involved in TV Sports is because their associations caused by their mirror neurons in overdrive. Instead of getting a rush of accomplishment from playing the sport of football they are getting the same rush from wearing the jersey and yelling at the TV while beer in hand.

Take the time to break the bonds of talking the talk and start walking the walk. The same amount of time and effort goes into both, why not have completed the task instead of saying, someday I’ll get around to it.

Why Not?

June 25, 2008

“Why not? Why not you?
Why not now?”

Heroic lion in “The Chronicles of Narnia”

If not you, then who? If you see an obvious solution to a problem that no one else seems to want to deal with it is your obligation to do something about it. You need do fix it or no one else will.