Max Muscle High Lignan Flax Oil review

July 27, 2009

Max Muscle’s High Lignan Flax Oil

High Lignan Flax Oil is a good type of fat that contains many anti-inflammatory substances. Our form of Flax Oil is very high in ALA and Secoisolariciresinol Diglycosides. Flax Oil is very good at having anti-inflammatory effects.  ALA is an good type of fatty acid from the Omega 3 family that can convert into the fatty acid DHA. Secoisolariciresinol Diglycosides helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar they also help improve blood vessel strength. High Lignan Flax Oil contains all the goodness of a regular Flax Oil plus is super charged with the Lignans called Secoisolariciresinol Diglycosides.

Servings = 32-16 servings/1-2 tablespoons daily

Directions = Take 1-2 tablespoons daily. Use on salads, hot cereals, or mix into blended beverages or yogurt.

Ingredients = Flax Oil

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Alpha Lipoic Acid

July 15, 2009

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a coenzyme that is involved in producing energy from sugar. Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 contains 300mg of Alpha Lipoic Acid per capsule. Alpha Lipoic Acid acts as a metabolic antioxidant, recycling antioxidant vitamins and protecting cells from free radical damage. Humans don’t make enough Alpha Lipoic Acid to get the antioxidant effect from it, the only way is through supplementation. Doses as high as 600mg per day help in the production of the energy producing molecule ATP. Alpha Lipoic Acid is a versatile molecule helping protect our bodies from damage and helping produce energy properly.

Servings = 60-30 servings/1-2 caps per day

Directions = Take 1-2 capsules daily with food

Ingredients = Alpha Lipoic Acid, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica

available @ Max Muscle San Diego

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.   This product informantion is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Fiber Complex Review

July 13, 2009

Fiber Complex

Fiber Complex contains good amounts of high quality soluble and insoluble fiber that most people don’t get enough of in their diet. Fiber Complex contains Oat Fiber, Guar Gum, Psyllium Husks as it’s active ingredients. Fiber Complex helps with proper food digestion and water absorption. Insoluble fiber helps bind up harmful cholesterol and helps promote regularity.  The fermentation of soluble fiber produces short-chain fatty acids that help balance blood sugar and promote regularity.  Fiber is an important part of our diet and most people don’t get enough because of eating too much processed foods, taking Fiber Complex helps you get enough fiber in your diet.

Servings = 33 servings/3 or more tablets daily

Directions = Take three or more tablets daily, 30 minutes prior to meals with 8 oz. of water.

Ingredients = Oat Fiber, Guar Gum, Psyllium Husks Cellulose, magnesium stearate, stearic acid

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Broccoli Can Reverse Damage Caused to Heart

August 8, 2008

“A UK study has found consuming broccoli can reverse damage caused to the heart blood vessels of diabetics due to the presence of a sulfur compound.”

“Our study suggests that compounds such as Sulforaphane from broccoli may help counter processes linked to the development of vascular disease in diabetes,” said Thornalley.


Published online August 4, 2008, as db06-1003

“Activation of NF-E2-related factor-2 reverses biochemical dysfunction of endothelial cells induced by hyperglycemia linked to vascular disease”

Authors: Mingzhan Xue, Qingwen Qian, Adaikalakoteswari Antonysunil, Naila Rabbani, Roya Babaei-Jadidi, and Paul J. Thornalley

Beating The Mood Food High

July 3, 2008

Get rid of your sweet tooth by not letting yourself get high from your food. Many people have heard the phrase “mood food” and that is the experience of getting high from your food. The major problem is getting fat while getting high from eating junk.

Dopamine regulates appetite and reinforces behavior and opiates triggers cravings and relieves pain. When you eat to release enough dopamine to feel it you are reinfocing bad habits. Cocaine & cristal meth are so addictive because of their effects on dopamine. Opioids are what many addictive pain medications trigger. If you get yourself into the downward spiral of the mood food trap you could become obese before you really try to do anything about it.

Do you want to be part of the 2/3 of Americans that are already too fat? Eat to get good nutrition, not to get high.

“Lab experiments on rats showed the cycle of sugar deprivation and indulgence sensitized both the dopamine (which regulates appetite) and opioid (which triggers cravings) receptors in the rodents’ brains.”

Curcumin Offer Protection Against Diabetes

July 3, 2008

“Inflammation is believed to play a role in the onset of diabetes type 2 as well as obesity. The researchers suggest that curcumin helps prevent diabetes by reducing the inflammation that occurs in obesity. By suppressing the number and activity of inflammatory cytokines produced by immune cells in fatty tissue, which can damage the heart and insulin-producing pancreatic islands as well as increase muscle and liver insulin resistance, curcumin may help reduce some of obesity’s adverse effects.”

24 Million Americans have Diabetes

June 26, 2008

24 million Americans have Diabetes and another 57 million have pre-diabetes for a total of 81 million Americans with blood sugar problems. Over 1/4 of Americans have blood sugar problems while 2/3 of Americans are overweight.

Since the last survey 2 years ago the amount of people effected by blood sugar problems has increased by 3 million. Some of that increase can be accounted by better awareness because awareness has increased by 5 %.

Over 25 % of Americans over 60 years of age have Diabetes. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at race; the closer the race is toward poverty the higher the rate of diabetes.

The general trend for a healthy America looks bleak. We are getting fatter while staying hooked on sugar. The Atkins Diet was our Cold-Turkey desperate try to break our addiction to sugar. America is still looking for the silver bullet. Americans are gaining more weight while they satisfy their short-term desires while throwing away sound nutritional advice about long-term quality of life.