Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Workout?

Too many people choose Bodybuilding Exercises when working out in the gym while training for a sport. When training for a sport you need to choose exercises that closely mimic the motion you do while doing your sport.

While chosing exercises you must be carefult to choose exercises that create Positive Transfer of Skills and cause a minium of Negative Transfer of Skills.

In the article “Principles of Choosing Exercises in Training” published in Theory and Practice of Physical Culture, 6:5-7, 1969 by V.S. Avanesov – (Master of Sports U.S.S.R., Lenin Institute of Physical Culture) translated in Yessis Review of Soviet Sport interpreted by Dan Gilliland, V.S. Avanesov explains how to construct a system that minimizes the amount of Negative Transfer of Skills.

Negative Transfer of Skills can best be explained as “the incompatibility of chosen exercises suppressing the effectiveness of the work and expressed on the level of inadequate execution.”

To achieve a Positive Transfer of Skills you have to resolve which exercises are most similar to the functional movement of the athlete during the sport being played. For instance, the Bench Press is not the best movement to improve a golf swing but if you would look into twisting core speed movements you would get a better result.

The conclusion of the paper suggests to “choose exercises according to their level of favorability in relation to the competitive exercise & bring to a minium the use of exercises that interfere with the function of the main competitive exercise.”

Choose exercises based on how closely they resemble and relate to your competitive sport. The crispness of your play in your chosen sport will weigh heavily on how atuned your central nervous system is trained to function toward the movements most used in your chosen sport. How closely your exercises resemble your sport during the week relates to how well you will play during game day.


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