Foundation of Westside Training Confirmed

The basic foundation of Westside Barbell Club’s training philosophy is oscillating back and forth between Maximum Strength Training and Speed Training the same body parts every 72 hours.

Westside’s theory of training rests on the fact that burnout happens if you train above 90% of your 1 Rep Max for 3 – 5 weeks in a row. But if you drop your training down below 90% you will detrain Maximum Strength.

On days where Westside members are training below 90% they increase their speed to the point where they create just as much force as would be created if they wer lifting above 90% of their 1 rep max.

In a paper published in the Soviet Journal “Track and Field”, 9:14, 1975 called “How Much? Or How” written by V. Petrovsky and republished in “Yessis Review of Soviet Sport” highlights how much Intensity should be used.

In various previous studies it has been proven that absolute intensity of training and the amount of volume of weight moved have an inverse relationship. The more absolute intensity you experience the less volume of training you can take before burnout happens. The more volume of training you do the less absolute intensity you can handle.

Relative Intensity is a better tracker of near-term training performance than Absolute Intensity. Relative Intensity measures the relationship between Intensity and Volume. In 1972 several Sprinters trained with Higher Volume but lower Absolute Intensity and did not do well in competition because the lack of speed/strength.

V. Petrovsky comes to the conclusion that Absolute Intensity should be 55 – 60% of total Sprinter training. That equals 2 -3 workout sessions of the 5 – 6 workout sessions per week performed.

YouTube Video: penkkitreeni – speed bench press up to 190kg


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