Train Better and Longer With Xtinguisher

Do you want to train harder and longer?

Do you want more explosive power?

Do you want better recovery?

Do you want better results while only changing 1 thing?

Max Muscle’s new Xtinguisher can deliver the punch you want to take you to a new level you never thought possible.
The advanced stack of scientifically proven ingredients will surprise you by increasing your performance without stimulants while giving you the results you want. You can use Xtinguisher anytime, day or night. Unleash your true nature and experience greater workouts and faster recovery time.

The breakthrough formula of Xtinguisher the best stack of Lactic Acid buffering substances known to science. Since the resent introduction of Beta-Alanine & Histidine, athletes reaching from the Olympics to the Olympia have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on the best formula that supports these novel ingredients. Xtinguisher is that formula.

Our Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Phil Harvey has added many other ingredients to pump up the Xtinguisher formula. These ingredients not only buffer Lactic Acid but speed up recovery time and remove toxins from your body.

Lactic Acid is the enemy of your workout. Your body won’t work if you become too acidic from Lactic Acid. Xtinguisher gives you the nutrients to turn Lactic Acid back into energy for you to get what you want from your workouts.

Warning: You may experience blood engorged muscular pumps causing you to feel beyond huge.

Expect only the highest purity, quality, potency & results from Max Muscle.


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