Doctors Wasting Money on Ineffective Tests

Seems that Doctors continue to think they are technicians instead of healers. So many times instead of a patient getting healed by their Doctor the patient has to wait 6 weeks for test results to come in before the Doc will do anything of purpose. Within those 6 weeks the patient has already healed themselves or gotten way worse. It seems Doctors are relying too much on technology instead of their own knowlege as healers.

“”Insurers, led by WellPoint Inc. and Magellan Health Services Inc., are increasingly rejecting imaging procedures recommended by U.S. doctors as the companies work to trim $30 billion a year they say is wasted on the tests.

CT and MRI scans that allow doctors to peer inside the body can cost as much as $2,000 each. Almost 50 percent of scans for some conditions fail to improve patients’ diagnoses or treatment, according to a report issued today by America’s Health Insurance Plans, a Washington-based trade group.”


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