Beating The Mood Food High

Get rid of your sweet tooth by not letting yourself get high from your food. Many people have heard the phrase “mood food” and that is the experience of getting high from your food. The major problem is getting fat while getting high from eating junk.

Dopamine regulates appetite and reinforces behavior and opiates triggers cravings and relieves pain. When you eat to release enough dopamine to feel it you are reinfocing bad habits. Cocaine & cristal meth are so addictive because of their effects on dopamine. Opioids are what many addictive pain medications trigger. If you get yourself into the downward spiral of the mood food trap you could become obese before you really try to do anything about it.

Do you want to be part of the 2/3 of Americans that are already too fat? Eat to get good nutrition, not to get high.

“Lab experiments on rats showed the cycle of sugar deprivation and indulgence sensitized both the dopamine (which regulates appetite) and opioid (which triggers cravings) receptors in the rodents’ brains.”


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