Powerlifting For Beginners: An Intro

Powerlifting For Beginners

What is Powerlifting?
Powerlifting is a mix of 3 lifts; the squat, the benchpress & the squat. The object of Powerlifting is to lift as much as you can for 1 rep in each of these lifts. Contests are held and a lifter has 3 chances to lift as much as possible.

How is it different from Bodybuilding?
Bodybuilding is completely subjective and the training style is completely different. Powerlifting has very little subjectivity to it. Most of the time judges will give the same type of calls to everyone in the meet. Bodybuilding has more politics in it than Powerlifting. The best way I’ve found to strength train is doing no more than 5 reps per set. On average I do 3 reps per set and if I want to increase my volume I will increase the number of sets instead of number of reps. I make sure each rep is done in a fast but controlled manner. Bodybuilding training has much more volume involved in it. Most bodybuilders get the best results from doing 5 sets of 8 – 12 reps. Most Bodybuilders do more isolation exercises while most Powerlifters do compound exercises.

Why do I Powerlift instead of Bodybuild?
As a powerlifter you can still maintain the bodybuilder look as long as you pay attention to your diet. Bodybuilders look like they are a lot stronger than they really are. Bodybuilders are training to create more muscle and Powerlifters are training to create more Power. I like to compete in a more objective arena than Bodybuilding. In Powerlifting you either got the lift or you didn’t, people don’t talk about if you need to work on your delt symmetry.

Why you should at least mix it in to your Bodybuilding routine?
A great way to mix bodybuilding with powerlifting is to Powerbuild. You can build functional strength wile maitaining the look you want.


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  2. Nice, short, sweet and to the point. Although my blog isn’t purely about powerlifting I would appreciat6e comments and suggestions. I currently document my training sessions by linking my YouTube videos to blog posts, PRpalooza begins today and last through Friday. I have added a past competitions page and PR page, but am curious about what might be a nice addition if you have any ideas. All is appreciated. The blog URL is:

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