24 Million Americans have Diabetes

24 million Americans have Diabetes and another 57 million have pre-diabetes for a total of 81 million Americans with blood sugar problems. Over 1/4 of Americans have blood sugar problems while 2/3 of Americans are overweight.

Since the last survey 2 years ago the amount of people effected by blood sugar problems has increased by 3 million. Some of that increase can be accounted by better awareness because awareness has increased by 5 %.

Over 25 % of Americans over 60 years of age have Diabetes. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at race; the closer the race is toward poverty the higher the rate of diabetes.

The general trend for a healthy America looks bleak. We are getting fatter while staying hooked on sugar. The Atkins Diet was our Cold-Turkey desperate try to break our addiction to sugar. America is still looking for the silver bullet. Americans are gaining more weight while they satisfy their short-term desires while throwing away sound nutritional advice about long-term quality of life.



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