Look Within to Find Greatness

Stop looking for something out there
And begin seeing within.
Open your arms if you want an embrace.
Break the earthen idols and release the radiance.

—Rumi, from ‘Empty the Glass of your Desire’

You are the Genie in the bottle. Too many people are looking for that next big thing to fill their soul. Too many people are buying self-help books but not doing anything but reading the first chapter. The answers are all within you. J.K. Rowling had to hit rock bottom in her life to discover what she had known since she was a kid. All the great stories are all within you, just don’t wait until you hit rock bottom to discover them.


One Response to Look Within to Find Greatness

  1. […] us to become better. Pressure focuses us on the importance essence of who we really are. Link to J.K Rowling about getting to her essence by hitting rock […]

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