Brain Chemical Can Break Cycle of Unfair Treatment

Lower serotonin may help people break the cycle of unfair treatment.  Many signs of depression can be caused by low serotonin.  Many anti-depressants and some supplements like 5-HTP or St Johns Wort and bump up serotonin.  A recient study shows lower serotonin can help people break the cycle of being treated unfairly.  If someone takes something from the outside that increases serotonin without dealing with the situation leading to the cause of depression the cycle may continue. 

People only change when they are uncomfortable with their situation.  If a drug, food or supplement subsitutes for real change expect no change.  Only you can be the change.  Don’t just medicate the pain away.  Your life won’t change for the good if you just close your eyes and hope.  Action is change, take the right actions and you will continue drive toward life of your dreams. Accelerating Intelligence News

University of Cambridge researchers have found that decreased levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin increases emotional response to a perceived unjust or unfair situation. Volunteers who had their serotonin levels temporarily lowered were much more likely to reject unfair offers in the Ultimatum Game (one player divides the money, the other decides to reject or accept the money for both players). A less emotional response would accept something rather than retaliate and receive nothing. Humans have a strong motivation for fairness. Even when the Ultimatum Game is tested in poor countries with amounts equal to a week’s or a month’s wage, people still reject unfair offers.


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