To Squat or not to Squat, That is the Question

Yesterday I was in the gym and I had to wait a while when someone was using the Squat rack not for Squatting but for straight bar curls.

So many guys in the gym want to grow big muscles but only focus on their puney arm muscles instead of their leg and back muscles.

The best, easiest way to grow massive amounts of muscle is to SQUAT. There are many different versions of the squat but the main idea is to make the Squat the main focus of your leg workout. So many people think the Squat is bad for their knees. FALSE! If you Squat properly your knees will be better than ever.

As a child I had bad knees but a Doctor from Johns Hopkins recommeded to put the Squat into my workout to build up the supportive muscles around my knees. I’ve always kept Squats as a key multi-joint exercise.

The key to the Squat is to engage all of the muscles involved. The wider your stance the more hip involvement you will have. The narrower the stance the more quad engagement you will have. If you go narrow be careful about the placement of the bar on your traps. The higher you place the bar on your neck, the more pressure you will put on your knees.

Powerlifters generally have as wide a stance as possible and position the bar as low on their traps as possible.


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