Diet Soda Can make You Fat

Everyone thinks they are helping their diet by drinking non or low calorie sweet drinks. But drinking diet sodas does nothing to shut down your sugar cravings.

Our brain tracks the amount of of sweet food we take in. When the brain gets fooled into thinking it’s gotten the right amount of food and doesn’t find those amount of calories taken in our brain over-compensates the amount of calories we crave. The craving for those missing calories can lead to more food being eaten and more fat being gained.

The brain neuro-transmitter dopamine is involved with our reward system. If the non sweet food doesn’t produce a reward from dopamine your brain will make you crave more food to fill that void. Those rewarding “mood foods” are usually junk foods people eat while sitting at the TV when their metabolism is at the lowest point.

“It’s long been speculated that dopamine encodes food rewards, since dopamine-deficient mice will die of starvation within three weeks of birth. They are utterly uninterested in food.”


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