Niacin’s Cholesterol-lowering Role]
Niacin’s cholesterol-lowering role is so accepted even many Doctors recommend Niacin for lowering cholesterol. Now there is a better understanding how Niacin lowers cholesterol. Naicin increases the amount of HDL, good cholesterol, from being broken down by up to 35%.

“The findings add to our expanding knowledge about the mechanism of niacin action on its wide range of clinical effects including… anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic and flushing effects.”

Source: Journal of Lipid Research June 2008, Volume 49, Pages 1195-1201″Niacin inhibits surface expression of ATP synthase B-chain in HepG2 cells: implications for raising HDL.”Authors: L.-H. Zhang, V.S. Kamanna, M.C. Zhang, M.L. Kashyap



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