The Power in the Belief of the Placebo
Placebos are fake medicines designed to fool people involed in a clinical study. Many times the Placebo is almost or just as effective as the medicine being studied. Placebos are so effective they will now be sold as a dietary supplement and will be recommened for nagging children.

Placebo works so well that Nocebo is it’s opposite. Nocebo is something that people are convinced is the exact opposite of what it really is.

The biggest problem with it is it’s unpredictability. The effectivness depends largly on how susceptible the patient is to the suggestion. The more susceptible someone is to an outside solution the better the result will be.

Many watchdog organizations are worrying the drug companies are teaching kids to seek solutions from pills made by drug companies.

“Dr. Brody said parents did not need a pill to induce the placebo effect. Mothers have long promised to “kiss it and make it better” and it is that type of placebo children really yearn for, he said.”


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