Vaccine Prevents Alzheimer’s in Mice

A vaccine created by scientists at University of Rochester Medical Center attacks the plaque that is the major cause of Alzheimer’s.

The vaccine used in this study is so successful that there was absolutly no sign of the plaque in any of the mice.

Since these results are for mice and not men, but this is the most promising study I’ve ever read about combatting Alzheimer’s.

The new science that produced these results is remarkable. The scientists took the herpes virus & stripped it of all it’s genes. They dropped the genes of interleukin-4 & amyloid beta in & let the new immune cell destroy the bad plaque.

“Our study demonstrates that we can create a potent but safe version of a vaccine that utilizes the strategy of immune response shaping to prevent Alzheimer’s-related pathologies and memory deficits,” said William Bowers, associate professor of neurology and of microbiology and immunology at the Medical Center and lead author of the article. “The vaccinated mice not only performed better, we found no evidence of signature amyloid plaque in their brains.”


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