3 Best Ways to Keep Workingout

Join a club, contest or get a personal trainer.
Some people need that push from “Friends” to keep their wishes to come true. If this sounds like you do it. Do whatever it takes to keep to momentium going.

Discover the real “REASON” why you want to workout and focus on that goal. You might want to loose that gut so you can look great for the beach this summer. You might pick running, swimming, weight-training, ect… You didn’t start exercising to run, swim, lift, ect; you started exercising to loose weight. Figure out what exercise fits best you your real reason of motivation.  Do what you like, remember, the real reason why you want to change.  Their are many ways of getting to what you want. 

Now you have workout friends and are focusing on the real reason why you are working out now you have to “Plan” your workouts. No one plans to fail but many fail to plan and never hit their goals.  Keep your plan simple.  If you want to loose fat write down how much you want to loose, why you want to loose it and when it will happen.  Write down a workout plan. eg. Mon, Wed, Fri = Aerobics 60 minutes, Tues, Thur = Weight-training 45 minutes,

Just keep it simple and enjoy the journey.

Dan Gilliland


One Response to 3 Best Ways to Keep Workingout

  1. DR says:

    Light weight, yeah buddy!!

    I was just debating whether or not I had time to fit in an extra workout this afternoon between appointments. Then I saw this point.

    Thanks for the kick in the butt

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